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While it’s true that virtually everyone at a wedding will be looking at the bride and groom, the flowers..

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In the search for a great wedding boutique, many customers can be overwhelmed by products, prices..

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Don’t forget the men in your wedding! Our boutonnieres are perfect for the groom and all of the..

There is perhaps no better way to create an elegant wedding than to choose the best assortment of flowers. At European Floral, we specialize in designing excellent bouquets and boutonnieres that transform weddings into classy, elegant experiences that delight guests and participants alike.

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A Unique, European Approach to Floral Arrangements

One of the things that really sets our business apart from the local competition here in Woodbury is our use of European design cues and approaches that aren’t easily replicated by American florists. Our skills are rooted in our native Poland, where our founder was born and began her floral education. We bring an air of elegance to weddings that is unique, refreshing, and memorable.

Include Everyone When Purchasing Floral Arrangements and Bouquets

From bouquets of wedding flowers to simple boutonnieres, European Floral can handle it all. We excel at creating an all-encompassing arrangement that will give every wedding a uniform look and feel. Best of all, our unique approach to these arrangements ensures that they haven’t been done, or seen, before.

An Easy Way to Offload Some Stress

We understand that weddings are easily one of the most stressful events to plan and prepare for, and we’re here to help. At European Floral, our customers enjoy some of the best service in the area.

Our goal is to minimize worries and concerns for our clients while working behind the scenes to bring them some of the best bouquets Minnesota has to offer. We succeed in this pursuit on a daily basis, and it’s one of our biggest selling points for Woodbury couples.